DASHBOARD UPDATE | Announcing our newest ParsecGO Dashboard features

ParsecGO Dashboard – New Feature Announcement

Over the winter break, the California School Dashboard was released for the first time in two years due to Covid-19. We can now conduct deeper analysis using the new 2021-22 data for indicators like chronic absenteeism, graduation rates, math/ELA, ELPI and suspension rates. 

The California School Dashboard provides a good summary of overall performance, but we found it difficult to compare within and across schools, districts, counties, and the state. Leveraging this new data, we released two features in our ParsecGO Dashboard. 

The first is a statewide ranking tool. With a map and list view, you can see how your school and district is doing at-a-glance. Utilizing the filters, you can gather insights, such as how your school is doing in ELA compared to other schools in your county with similar student populations (e.g. 50%+ low income demographics). 

The second feature lets you get even more granular, viewing data at the school level. User friendly visuals and tables allow you to quickly compare how specific student groups are performing within each indicator. You can also use this feature’s compare tool to visualize the Average Distance From Standard (DFS) between your district or school, county, and the state- all in a single screen. 

These updates were made available to all ParsecGO Dashboard users- at no added cost. If you would like to learn more about this product, or want to access a free trial, fill out the form on our Connect page and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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