A Parsec Education Podcast

Getting Naked with Leaders in Education


Hosted by Rachael Maves

What it's all about.

Join us as we dive deep into the personal narratives that drive these leaders, exploring why education matters to them on a profound level. 

Whether you’re a seasoned educator, a curious parent, or just someone passionate about the power of learning, ‘Getting Naked with Leaders in Education’ is your backstage pass to the untold stories of those steering the ship in the realm of academia.

Get inspired, challenged, and, above all, educated. Where vulnerability meets vision. This is ‘Getting Naked with Leaders in Education.'”

Episode 07

Guest: Cindi Williams

Episode 06

Sarah Neville Morgan

Episode 05

Guest: Eugene Park

Episode 04

Gloria Corral, CEO for PIQE

Episode 03

Christine Pitts, Pitts Consulting and Education Policy Hotlist

Episode 02

Jannelle Kubinec, CEO of WestEd

Episode 01

Guest: Babatunde Ilori