Optimize your LCAP, SPSA, and SARC with Qualitative Measures


Why is goal analysis so difficult?

Numbers alone are insufficient to understanding what accounts for your results

It is difficult to connect the story to the numbers

Monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of actions throughout the year is super hard to do

Check it out:

Just add your details below including 1 action title, and the corresponding description. Then receive an AI output containing

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LCAP Lead Gen

Monitor your LCAP, SPSA, and SARC actions in a snap.

We’ve done the hard work of prompt engineering a free tool for you to transform your LCAP/SPSA/SARC actions into something you can actually monitor. It includes qualitative feedback questions you can ask students and educators to gauge, not only effectiveness, but how well that action was implemented.

How can I collect qualitative feedback more easily?

With Parsec Real, our partners are empowered to proactively engage in continuous learning and storytelling to achieve their goals and drive meaningful change, without all the manual work to do it.