Using Data Insights to


Parsecgo professional

Tell your data story.

The ParsecGO Platforms

ParsecGO Dashboard and Dashboard+ platforms allow you to dive into educational data, with interactive data visuals and analysis tools.

ParsecGO Professional and Professional+ are presentation-ready reports designed for you to share your data story.


Parsecgo Features

  • Dashboard

    State Assessment Analysis Tool

    County, School, District Comparison

    Student Group Analysis Reports

    Trend Analysis Reports

    Longitudinal Overview Reports

    Growth Analysis Reports

  • Dashboard+

    All the features of ParsecGO Dashboard and...

    Local Assessment Analysis Tool

    Continuous Enrollment Report

    Comparison of Local Assessment to State Assessment 

    Student List View

    ELPAC and CAST Reports

    Graduation Rate Reports

  • Professional

    State Assessment Reports

    User-friendly platform

    English, Spanish and Hmong translations

    Compare up to 4 reports simultaneously

    Presentation mode capabilities

  • Professional+

    All the features of ParsecGO Professional and...

    Local Assessment Reports

    Student Discipline Reports

    Academic Reports

    Graduation Rate Reports

    Ability to add in custom reports

ParsecGO Dashboard

This tool empowers you to be your own data analyst without knowing how to use sophisticated excel formulas or being a SQL genius. Do deeper analysis comparing your schools’ results to other similar schools across the state with just a few easy clicks.

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ParsecGO Dashboard+

ParsecGO Dashboard+ takes your data analysis to the next level by tapping into the student-level data from CALPADS, CERS, local assessment data and even your own student information systems (SIS).

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ParsecGO Professional

ParsecGO Professional utilizes the state's research file data library to create high quality presentation-ready reports to support you with telling your data story.

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ParsecGO Professional+

In addition to the reports available with ParsecGO Professional, the ParsecGO Professional+ system also includes local level data including local assessments, student discipline, grades, custom reports, and more.

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Why Our Educational Partners Love Us

  • Universal Language

    Data visualization done properly functions as a common language. Shapes and colors convey meaning.

  • Time-Saver

    Through automation, teachers and administrators no longer need to spend hours collecting data points.

  • More Accurate

    Looking at multiple measures paints a more complete picture of a student's educational standing.

  • Storytelling

    With great data visualization, easy-to-understand narrative, and multi-year analysis, a compelling story unfolds.

100% of survey respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the ParsecGo Dashboard

When asked "which features of the ParsecGo dashboard do you value most?" survey respondents stated the following.

Looking at the data and seeing that the information is easily accessible.

Golden Valley Unified

The ability to look at student performance data disaggregated by student
group. Also, I am excited to explore the screening features for RTI [Response to Intervention], sorting students by the screening data to identify students for targeted

Golden Eagle Charter

The enrollment length feature is awesome! Anything that compares data between data sets or subgroups, and student level exports

Innovative Education Management

Being able to analyze i-ready data by different demographics.

Community Montessori

Utilizing the data to form intervention groups

Family Partnership Charter School

Our Team