Bright Spots in Education Webinar: KCUSD

Bright Spots in Education Webinar to Highlight Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District’s Success

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Madera, CA – The upcoming Bright Spots in Education webinar will showcase the innovative strategies and practices of Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District (KCUSD) for promoting student success. KCUSD has been identified as a Bright Spot in Education, a group of similar school systems across the state who are performing at high levels on the CA dashboard. The webinar, which is being hosted by Parsec Education, will take place on March 29, 2023, at 3:30 p.m.

KCUSD is consistently a top-performing district in the state when comparing similar unified school districts (80%+ SED and 20%+ EL and 1000+ Enrolled). According to CA School Dashboard indicators, they are ranked #1 in ELA and in Math, and they are also a top-performing district in other indicators. KCUSD has also achieved the top spot on the CA dashboard in ELA and Math for Emergent Multilingual and Economically Disadvantaged students.

During the Bright Spots in Education webinar, participants will have the opportunity to learn from KCUSD about their successful strategies for promoting student success. This will include their approach to curriculum, teacher training and support, technology integration, and community engagement. Attendees will also gain insights into how KCUSD uses data to inform decision-making and measure progress toward its academic goals.

“We are thrilled to feature Kings Canyon Joint Unified School District as a Bright Spot in Education during our upcoming webinar,” said Babatunde Ilori, CEO of Parsec Education. “By sharing their best practices and insights, we hope to encourage collaboration with educational partners and inspire other school systems to implement promising initiatives and practices for promoting student success.”

Registration for the webinar is open now and can be accessed using this link. Participants are encouraged to register early to secure their spot and submit their questions to the panelists in advance.

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