Learn the strategies to capture authentic voice using Real.


Collect feedback at scale and use insights to make strategic plans and budgets that improve outcomes for students.

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The Problem

Survey Limitations

Students don’t speak in Likert scales. We need to know why students feel how they do.

Blind Budgeting

With limited feedback, budget planning can feel like major guesswork.

Lack of Time

Collecting and reviewing qualitative feedback takes too much time.

So, how can I get authentic feedback to use effectively in my school system?

The Solution

Through our 30-min workshop, you will walk away with clear examples of how you can collect and use feedback more effectively in your organization.

Easy as 1-2-3!

1. See how schools & districts are improving student outcomes today.

Explore the real problems Parsec partners are solving by leveraging qualitative feedback insights.

2. Walkthrough the platform & explore how you can use it.

See just how easy the platform is for students, parents, and educators and brainstorm the ways in which it could bring immediate value to your organization.

3. Get started improving student outcomes right away!

In just giving your students and community a platform to share their voice, you’re building relational captial.

Ready to transform school strategy?