Tell Your Data Story – Reports for parents and stakeholders

With the recent announcement of California’s approved Assessments Plan, Parsec Education is ready to support school districts choosing to publicly share their assessment results with parents and stakeholders.

In anticipation of the federal waivers being approved, Parsec’s team created a user-friendly, public-facing dashboard that can quickly and effectively showcase high-quality interim or diagnostic test that meets California’s state board of education approved criteria (still pending).

Parsec’s public dashboard (ParsecGO) combines local assessment data with CALPADS data to ensure alignment with the CA School Dashboard. Results can be disaggregated by grade level, race/ethnicity, student group, and school. 

Data integration is simple and straightforward, and your public dashboard can go live within 48-hours. 

Getting individual student results into the hands of parents and guardians will be critical as school districts work with their stakeholders to accelerate learning for their students. Parsec Education recently partnered with Madera Unified to create a custom student report using data from their local assessment called the NWEA MAP Growth. Parsec’s student reports are easy to understand, and provides individualized goal-setting targets.

Learn more about our individualized student reports here.

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