Simplifying the Curriculum: How Parsec Education’s Power Standards Workbook saves teachers time and improves student outcomes

Parsec Education is proud to share the success story of our work with Hope Elementary School District, which began in 2018.

Our relationship with Hope Elementary School District began with Common Core Power Standards Workbooks- an essential tool for curriculum, instruction, and assessment design. The Power Standards book aims to answer three critical questions:

  1. “How much time and effort should I devote to teaching a standard?”
  2. “What should I assess, and how do I assess it?”
  3. “How do I make informed decisions on how much time and attention to devote to each topic?”

At Parsec Education, we understand that an educator’s time is more precious than ever.

That’s why we have created a clear, definitive road-map for how to find the answers to these questions. We have studied one of the most commonly implemented state tests in California in detail and worked on summarizing and condensing that knowledge down to a few pages per grade level. We have also created a proprietary algorithm that identifies standards that are more likely to be assessed on a state test. With access to this data, teachers can make more informed decisions on just how much time and attention to devote to each topic.

According to Melanie Matta, the Superintendent Principal of Hope Elementary School District, the Power Standards book was crucial in achieving a 25% increase in Mathematics scores on the 2018-19 state test. The book provided the answer to “what to teach” and “how to assess,” which saved the teaching staff a lot of time. Melanie rated the amount of time the staff saved thanks to the Power Standards as a perfect 10.

One of the most significant advantages of the Power Standards book for Hope was its layout. It was easy to understand, and all the grade levels were in one book, so the teachers could see the progression of how the standards related to one another as the students went from grade to grade. This was beneficial for vertical articulation, especially since the school had just about one classroom per grade level.

Overall, the Common Core Power Standards Workbooks is a valuable tool for any school district looking to improve its curriculum, instruction, and assessment design. Parsec Education is thrilled to have contributed to Hope Elementary School District’s success and looks forward to continuing our work with the district and helping other schools achieve similar successes.

Watch our video interview with Superintendent Principal, Melanie Matta:

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