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Parsec Education is not just a website or a company, it's a vision.  A vision for launching education into the future using tried and true principles with a modern twist. 

At Parsec Education, we picture a future where educators are equipped with trusty tools that are not only accurate, powerful, and efficient, but also beautiful, accessible, and affordable.  Our world is growing increasingly digital and visual, yet valuable data about our schools, students, and how we can help them are lying trapped on spreadsheets or lying in paper files.  Now there's nothing wrong with paper - there is something to be said about holding a piece of information in your hand and connecting with it, but we want to make sure you have options.  Which is why our products are primarily digital, but include limited reproduction rights so that you can choose if you want all your files on your phone, in a binder, or any combination in between. 

Our vision for this company was born out of three primary goals: Inform, Problem Solve, and Serve. 

  • Inform: Numbers don't lie. But they also can't help anyone if we're not looking at them or talking about them.  Our drive behind inform is to take the data that's already out there, bring it back into the spotlight, and share it with everyone.  If educators, parents, and administrators can readily see and talk about the facts, then progress and positive change can me made.  
  • Problem Solve: We've acknowledged the power of data, and yes, many schools or institutions have numbers people on their team.  But what if you aren't a "numbers person" and still wanted to know what's going on? By taking rich data and applying the principles of graphic design, universal design, and concepts of user experience, we transform valuable yet difficult to understand numbers it into something accessible, appealing, and informative.
  • Serve: Educators are some of the most altruistic people out there. Helping children to learn and selflessly building our future. But who's helping them?  We know that academic resources and educational consulting tools are often cost-prohibitive, and we wanted to change that.  We aim to serve by providing affordable products, good customer service, fast turn around, and an openness to ideas and input from our users.

We want to democratize information, and we hope you'll join us on the journey.