What We Build For Our Clients

Our goal is for you to enjoy every step of the process in building a next generation, innovative product. With wire-framing and prototyping tools, our team can quickly create a mock up of what you want the end-product to look like and how you want your end-users to interact with it. What you have in Parsec Education is years of information design and user experience expertise. 

If you would like to talk about what we can do to help your organization, feel free to send us a message to eugene@parseceducation.com. We'd love to make your ideas become a reality. 

Below is an example of our California state test report. Our dynamic template can create all 10,000 CA school reports in just a few hours. Reports like this helps administrators and educators save an enormous amount of time that they would otherwise devote to data hunting and multi-year analysis. With our pre-built reports, they can focus more of their efforts to making better decisions and ultimately improving the instructional experience for all students.