State and school systems have access to billions of data points ready to be harvested and harnessed. However, meaningfully utilizing the data effectively is labor and time intensive.

ParsecGO does the heavy lifting, behind the scenes, through proprietary automation scripts and data retrievals into the state research file library, CALPADS, CERS, local assessments, and Student Information Systems (SIS). ParsecGO transforms your data into high quality visual reports that empower you to tell your data story and be your own data analyst.

ParsecGO Platforms


    ParsecGO Dashboard and Dashboard+

    Be your own data analyst without having to be an Excel or SQL genius.

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    ParsecGO Professional and Professional+

    Share presentation-ready reports at your fingertips with user-friendly compare features and beautiful visualizations.

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What is the difference between ParsecGO Dashboard and ParsecGO Professional?

ParsecGO Dashboard lets you perform in-depth analysis of your school and district's data. With numerous filters you can gain a stronger understanding of student outcomes and identify the greatest areas of need.

ParsecGO Professional is intended for those looking to have presentation-ready reports available at your fingertips. No more copy-and-pasting screenshots into your slide deck presentations. With ParsecGO Professional you have data-packed, user-friendly, interactive visuals displaying the information you need.

How much does it cost?

You can find our pricing on the ParsecGO Dashboard page and the ParsecGO Professional page.

Pricing varies between platforms and the number of students in your district or charter schools, with the option to add-on reports for additional data insights.

Send us a message if inquiring about ParsecGO Professional+

Do you offer any other services or products?

Our additional services include:

You can always contact us about adding custom reports to your ParsecGO products, or for custom projects.

Do you only work with school districts?

Parsec Education currently works with school districts and charter schools.

If you serve students but don't fall into one of those categories, send us a message and we can discuss how we can work together.