Parsec Education’s 2019 California State Test Analysis Presentation

Parsec Education unleashes their cutting edge analysis and data visualization in a jam-packed, downloadable, digital presentation file at a super-affordable price. Parsec’s Analysis Presentation is made for the modern world. Digital, shareable, and visually intuitive, their product transforms the mundane bar charts and tables of the CA state test results into a simplified, elegant, and functional work of art. Optimized for stakeholder engagement, this digital presentation includes a wealth of information that has been thoughtfully designed to be quick and easy to understand. The Analysis Presentation includes overall scores for Math and English Language Arts (ELA), four years of analysis including a multi-year trend, cohort analysis, and fifth-year forecasting. A grade level breakdown page illustrates each grade’s achievement results for the most recent test year, as well as multi-year comparison. Parsec’s year-over-year analysis that is included throughout the report makes it effortless to observe and compare overall outcomes over time. The detailed subgroup analysis continues with data on ethnicity, gender, students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged, English learners, and reclassified fluent English proficient. The cohort subgroup analysis feature defines how groups of individuals are learning, growing, and changing over time. A claim area performance results page highlights in which subjects students are demonstrating strengths, and which subjects students are demonstrating some need. Parsec Education strives to make simple, effective, and high-quality products that are accessible and affordable. Extensive care and attention have gone into creating the Analysis Presentation to save you time and money, and empower you to help students and educators. The product is a digital download file and consists of 17 high-resolution slides that are ready to go. Simply share, project, or print your results and let the numbers do the talking. Set a course for success with Parsec Education, and enjoy analysis that’s lightyears ahead.