Multiple Measures Student Report Card

The Multiple Measures Report Card is an individualized student report presenting a 360 view of a child’s complete educational experience.

Designed with our students in mind.

Using color, illustrations, and game-like elements students are familiar with, the report communicates performance quickly and clearly.

Measuring so much more than just grades...

These reports capture more of what accounts for the results. In addition to grades we look at state test results, attendance, behavior, and local assessment performance over time.

Why Multiple Measures Report Cards?

  • Customizable

    Our templates can be updated to reflect the areas you value most. Need it to work with a different local assessment type? We got you.

  • Simple

    With our standardized data upload process and automation capabilities, the process is simple.

  • Student & Parent Friendly

    The designs were created with our students and parents in mind. We pull out key insights in colorful, animated visuals to tell a clear data story.

The first of its kind.

The Multiple Measures Report Card is a remarkably fresh way to look at a student's educational standing and current performance. It provides a well-rounded view of a student's achievement across the board.

Normative in design, the report card also provides side-by-side comparisons with school grade level peer averages. It showcases a comprehensive, overall chart that displays performance across all measures, and is the first of its kind.

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