Fine Tune Your Instruction

“What do I teach, and what do I emphasize?” “What should I assess, and how do I assess it?” These four critical questions are essential to curriculum, instruction, and assessment design; and how we answer them not only determines the entire arc of the school year, but touches each student individually.

Data is where we look to find the answers to these all-important questions. However, unless that data corresponds with the current standard of measurement, the information is potentially misguided or irrelevant. In an age where an educator’s time is more precious than ever, we want to provide teachers with a clear, definitive road-map for how to find those answers. The Power Standards aim to do just that by precisely explaining how students are assessed, and highlighting what knowledge is tested on the state test. With access to this information, you can determine just how much time and attention to devote to each topic, and you can rest assured that your students will be adequately and accurately prepared for the state test.

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