Distance Learning Support

In response to the California Department of Education's recent guidelines for Distance Learning and School Meals, Parsec Education and ERC are partnering to assist school district personnel with additional technology support to meet the current transitions related to distance learning and meal distribution. We are available daily to assist teachers and administrators in any of the following services listed below. Ensuring equity and access for all students is a high priority for publicly funded schools during this transition. Just phone our hotline number (559) 235-9602 or email us at support@parseceducation.com to let us know your need(s) and to request service. 


  • Teacher Support
    • Hotline for Teacher Technical Assistance related to Distance Learning
    • Content Presentation Help for Teachers - Webinar for Groups and 1-on-1 Support
    • Teacher Online Classroom Website Development
    • Virtual Collaboration - Webinar for Groups and 1-on-1 Support
  • Online and Phone Surveys
    • Parent Internet & Technology Survey (free download)
    • Teacher Distance Learning Preparedness Survey
    • Physical Education Distance Learning Preparedness Survey
    • School-based Therapist Teletherapy/Telehealth Preparedness Survey
  • Needs Assessment and Monitoring
    • 3D Interactive Map of Students/Families with No Access to the Internet
    • Provide Analysis on Technology Needs for Distance Learning
    • Monitor Educational Services Rendered through Distance Learning for All Students and High Priority Subgroups
  • Other District Support
    • E-Rate Program Application
    • District Website Development
    • Digital Communications
    • General Information & Technology (IT) Support
  • Needs Assessment and Monitoring
    • Tracking Daily Meal Distributions Electronically
    • 3D Interactive Map of Percent of Meals Received by School Site
    • 3D Interactive Map of Low-Income Families