Data System & Analysis Coaching

Parsec Education offers data system and analysis coaching services to help you maximize your data capacity and expertise across the district. The one-on-one coaching sessions will be with Parsec's principal data scientist, and the number of sessions offered per year is limited. Your coach will help you to create sustainable data systems that will drive positive systemic change for your educational agency. 

Coaching Goals:

  • Identifying key data sources
  • Standardizing data architecture across the district
  • Strengthening the data collection, cleansing, and storage process
  • Establishing routine data quality checks
  • Consolidating your data
  • Creating automated procedures
  • Identifying key systemic issues through data review and reflection
  • Refining the return-on-investment analysis
  • Learning industry-leading data visualization techniques and methods
  • Engaging your stakeholders with data materials
  • Crafting a compelling data story/presentation

This type of coaching is essential for anyone in a data-related position (e.g. assessment coordinator, data analyst) or working towards their administrative credential.

To learn more about this coaching service, please email us at