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Which CALPADS ODS Extracts and Reports Do I Need to Download?

FALL I Report 1.2: Enrollment - Primary Status Student List

FALL I Report 1.18: FRPM/ EL/ Foster Youth - Student List

• SENR ODS Extract

• SINF ODS Extract

• SPRG ODS Extract

• SELA ODS Extract

• SPED ODS Extract

• SDEM ODS Extract

• SASS ODS Extract

• CRSE ODS Extract

• SCSC ODS Extract

• CRSC ODS Extract

• SCSE ODS Extract

• STAS ODS Extract

• SINC ODS Extract

• PSTS ODS Extract

• SIRS ODS Extract

• SOFF ODS Extract

• SSRV ODS Extract

Which CAASPP Report Do I Need to Download?

Which ELPAC Report Do I Need to Download?

How Should I Rename the Downloaded Files? ***IMPORTANT***

Data Sharing Agreement

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What is CALPADS?

What is CAASPP?