CA State Test Data Booklets for ELA and Math

Introducing the most comprehensive ELA and Math state test analysis in existence - the CA State Test Data Booklets.  An incredible resource that brings clarity and ease to strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. 


  • Cutting-Edge Data Visualization
  • Multi-Year Analysis (up to 5-years)
  • Overall Achievement Level Results
  • Achievement Level Results by Grade Level
  • Achievement Level Results by Subgroup (e.g. English Learner)
  • Achievement Level Results by Race/Ethnicity
  • Overall Distance from Standard (DFS) Results
  • DFS Results by Grade Level
  • DFS Results by Subgroup
  • DFS Results by Race/Ethnicity
  • Overall Standard Deviation of DFS
  • Standard Deviation of DFS by Grade Level
  • Claim Area Analysis (e.g. Concepts and Procedures)
  • Overall Students with Scores
  • Students with Scores by Grade Level
  • Students with Scores by Subgroup
  • Students with Scores by Race/Ethnicity
  • Optional: School by School Comparison

    Pricing Options:

     Option 1 Printed Booklets
    • Data Integration Fee: $799 (for entire district)
    • A set of ELA and math booklets is $70
    • This data integration fee covers the cost of uploading the test scores into our system.
    • Recommended for single schools or small districts and in-house use. We provide the printing and ship to you.
      Option 2 Digital Licenses
      • Data Integration Fee: $499
      • Small School District Licensing: $299
      • Medium School District Licensing: $499
      • Large School District Licensing: $799
      • Licensing Per School: $99
      • Includes digital ELA and Math layout-spread and print-spread versions, and permission rights for reproduction.
      • Recommended for single schools who desire unlimited printing rights and full resolution digital files (optimal for stakeholder engagement such as handing out booklets or projecting files for presentations); or larger districts and counties for better value when printing in large volumes.
      • Small School District (1 to 4,999 students)
      • Medium School District (5,000 to 19,999 students)
      • Large School District (20,000+ students)