Introducing the NEXT GREAT LEAP for Student Report Cards – Parsec Education’s Multiple Measures Report Card

Parsec Education reveals their cutting edge Multiple Measures Report Card – an individualized student report that presents a holistic view of a child’s complete academic experience.

The Multiple Measures Report Card is a remarkably fresh way to look at a student’s educational standing and current performance. Designed with parents in mind, this streamlined, intuitive report card provides a well-rounded view of a student’s achievement across the board. The Multiple Measures Report Card presents grades, data on state tests, local tests, and provides side-by-side comparisons with local peer averages. It showcases a comprehensive, overall chart that displays performance across all measures, and is the first of its kind.

Data-rich, yet easy to understand, the striking visualizations of the Multiple Measures Report Card work together to tell a story about each student. The multi-page, color spreads function as a tangible road map that empowers parents, teachers, and especially students to be informed about their education. With detailed information on areas of strength and areas of need, a student and their support system can use this information to work together to achieve their goals. 


  • Customizable: The Multiple Measures Report Card template is modular, which allows for easy customization. Each segment can be swapped out or rearranged to meet the needs of every school or district.
  • Objective: Compared to traditional report cards which only present a student’s performance without any reference norms, the Multiple Measures Report Card offers a student’s performance alongside local norms for objective comparisons.
  • Simple: To optimize turnaround time, we have standardized the data upload process. Once a data-sharing agreement is in place, a client submits their separate data sets to us, and we do the work of consolidating into one master data set for the Report Card.
  • Trustworthy: With over a decade of experience in education, statistical analysis, data visualization, and user experience, Parsec Education ensures that each product goes through rigorous quality and data checks so that our clients can be confident in the accuracy and security of their data.

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