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Ideas Are Kindled by Inspiration

It's no surprise that much wanted inspiration comes to me when admiration precedes inspiration and I take a moment to admire the incredible, awe-inspiring work that others have created. Seeing and feeling impressed by what others have done, pushes the bounds of my own creativity. It helps to remind me that my own projects are not simply tasks that can be completed through sheer determination. It takes time. It takes creativity. Creativity needs inspiration. It is about removing yourself from that mental state of production - constantly churning out work for the sake of work - , and transitioning to state of meditation. Your source of inspiration can come from practically anywhere. But for starters, there are some online websites such as dribbble.com and behance.net that provide a space for creatives to share their work with the world. 

If you find yourself lacking in the ideas department, take a break. Remove your 'work' hat, and be a mere spectator. Enjoy what others have created, and draw inspiration from them.